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Branch's favorite! He likes any puppy he can play with and will let him carry around while he plays in the rocks or digs up the dirt (He's 5!). We love the variety of colors and hair coats that the Doxies bring to our home. Such sweeties!


image82 miniature schnauzer

This is our family FAVORITE!!! We have our fur baby Miley which we raised. She is an amazing girl! 


shiba inu puppy
medium breed puppy

Scotty's favorite. He loves their  up ears, curled tail, and playful nature. They are very loyal and won't pass up a treat!


maltipoo puppy
maltese mix puppy
poodle mix puppy
designer breed puppy
small puppy
hypoallergenic puppy

Ashley's favorite! Their soft hair coats, unique looks, and the variety of colors is always fun! For a bonus they are hypoallergenic and are great family dogs!



Brayda's Favorite! She's the only girl of the kids, and loves the fluffy Shih Tzus. She started her group with one female named Brayda's Minnie Mouse. She loves putting bows in their hair and thinks that every boy needs a tie!


toy poodle puppy
hypoallergenic puppy
nonshedding puppy
small breed

We love this breed because of their hypoallergenic hair coat. It gives many families with allergies to pet hair a wonderful option to have a puppy to love! We have a variety of colors, but our favorite is merle and mahogany!



This is Braxton, our son's, breed that he loves! He has his favorite, Buddy, that rides the tractor with him to do chores. He's saving the money to buy his first truck and to expand his sheep herd. 

Miniature Australian Shepherds


These are our son, Braymer's, breed! He loves to work with them and truly enjoys the breed. He's using the money to save for college and a truck when he turns 16!

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Even if you don't see the breed you are looking for please call us! We are located in Southern Missouri and have friends all over the United States that are just like us! We love raising amazing, high quality, snuggle bugs that will bring more joy to your home than you've ever imagined! We can help you find the perfect one, or put you in touch with other amazing breeders!